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. I'm so thankful for you oh baby, you're so pretty. Ludacris] (luda) when i was 13, i had my first love there was nobody that compared to my baby and nobody came between us, nor could ever come above she had me going crazy oh, i was starstruck she woke me up daily, don't.

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Oh oh for you, i would have done whatever and i just can't believe we ain't together and i wanna play it cool but i'm losin' you i'll buy you anything i'll buy you any ring cause i'm in pieces baby fix me and just shake me till you wake me from this bad dream. Why is sweet home alabama and bohemian rhapsody such a great bar song and yet nobody can sing they just screech it out? Oh, baby, baby, how was i supposed to know.

Read baby baby (4men) & baby (justin bieber) from the story b.a.p lyrics & related song by eroro404 (ℒℴѵℯ) with 130 reads.

Oh, baby, baby, how was i supposed to know. Baby, baby, baby oh like baby, baby, baby no like baby, baby, baby oh thought you'd always be mine, mine. Please help me 🙂 in my head it's like na oh ehhh oh na oh i'ah oh ha. Original lyrics of baby baby song by 4men. Vulo anta vetagaaa ram, putindi suryakantam, aakaram tuuneega muttukunte kandireega! Puedes tranquila en mis brazos dormir. Oh, baby, baby, i shouldn't have let you go. Oh lover you run from me we move like a bad scene shot in the dark.