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Get Can You Use Orajel While Pregnant
. Typically, orajel contains benzocaine as the active ingredient. Id like to put orajel on it to numb the pain to be able to sleep but wasn't sure if it was safe to use or not?

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This can occur even if you have used this product before. Is orajel safe for pregnant womento live a healthier life, you are. Heating pads can be used while pregnant to ease any pain in the muscles or joints, so long as they do not raise the woman's body temperature too much.

Pregnancy can be an exciting experience, but questions about paternity can be stressful.

Avoid swallowing the gel while applying it to your gums or the inside of your mouth. Pregnant women can use orajel? answered by dr. Pregnant women can use orajel? Honestly, there's not much info out there about the safety of cough drops during. What drugs and food should i avoid while taking orajel (benzocaine topical)? Im 4 months and i only have medicaid for pregnant mothers i,m 23 so i was wondering if you could give me any pointers and please don't say go to a dentist i only have mothers medicaid and is orajel i was eating a taco and a sharp piece did something to my tooth and its bothering me like electricity going. You can take codeine while pregnant but check with your gp or pharmacist. While doctors can't definitively say if what happened to chloe was a reaction to benzocaine or something else, kapetanovic urges other parents to a spokesperson for orajel told the independent, orajel teething gels contain benzocaine and are recommended for children two years or older.