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. What does baby name dante mean? My friend has just had a baby, and they have named him dante please could somebody tell me what it means?

Hottest 1921 Boy Names: Santiago, Dante, Ford ...
Hottest 1921 Boy Names: Santiago, Dante, Ford … from

Your browser does not support this feature. Find out the meaning, origins & nicknames of dante, and decide if it's right for your baby. Meaning, origin, popularity, and more!

The name dante means everlasting and is of latin origin.

With thousands of names in our handbook, choosing the right on just got easier! Dante baby name (page 1). The top 25 baby names inspired by video game characters. Dante is a name that's been used dante comes from the italian name durante, which means lasting, enduring. it became a baby name given. Find out using the graph below! Dante is a rather popular baby boy name. He led to the discovery of the cause of. English, spanish, french, jamaican, american, latin, australian, swedish, chinese, italian.