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. What does the name maame mean? You'll never know what to expect from maame.

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Maame is a feminine name which could be traced to africa where it comes from a word meaning 'mother'. Fat ne maame hwɛɛ mfonyin no na ɔyerɛɛw n'ano dze buaa dɛ, ɔdɔ, ɔno yɛ koohaa. fat ber a dɔn tsentsen no kyɛree no, me maame wɔasaa ntaataado dɛ, 'mebɛyɛ biribiara dze eyi adze yi efi wo do.' The grammatical meaning of the word bootlegged.

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The music was composed by the german immigrant. Maame means mother, if you want to say wo maame twe but maame means lady. The origin of the name is african. Both meaning our land) is finland's unofficial national anthem. Maame f central african (latinized, rare) maame comes from africa, and is said to mean 'pearl', or 'mother', depending on the. Mobilizing african american mothers maame was birthed to provide doula support, to serve as a healthcare navigation system for black. Don't mess with her though, big mistake. To express or represent something such as an idea, thought, or fact: