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Get Meaning Of Name Aubrey
. The name is a norman french derivation of the germanic given name alberic, which consists of the elements alf elf and ric power. Aubrey name meaning, american baby boy name aubrey meaning,etymology, history, presonality details.

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Your main support is faith in yourself and the higher forces, as well as love for your people. From aubri, the french form of the german alberich, a name derived from the old high german elements alb (elf) and rihhi (ruler): The first name aubrey is of french, teutonic, german, english origin.

Of french origin, aubrey results from the phonetical mutation of alberic, which is a germanic given name, meaning fair ruler of the little people, or king of the elves.

Find the complete details of aubrey name on babynamescube, the most trusted source for baby name meaning, numerology, origins, similar names and more! Aubrey means powerful elf (from germanic alf = elf + rihhi = powerful/rich/mighty/ruler). Also aubrey is english cognate of aubry. It has the following meaning(s) First names of the world. You have great inner strength aubrey, you often forget that family life is incompatible with keeping the status of everybody's friend. As an english masculine name it was common in the middle ages, and was aubrey character analysis of meaning. Aubrey has staked her claim in the hearts of parents with her mischievous meaning and trendy feel.