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Get Middle Name For Lyra
. Which middle name do you like best? Lyra sounds like a great name.

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(astronomy) a summer constellation of the northern sky, said to resemble a lyre. Nevertheless, lyra is an enchanting and harmonious name, makes me think of great, peaceful marble buildings with a lone priestess playing a lyre. What is lyra silvertongues middle name?

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It was used to accompany recitations of lyric poetry (the word lyric literally meant singing to the lyre in greek) and was considered to have. Last name starts with a p so nothing that starts with that and my daughters middle name is namelucille/name, so no variant of that. 48 geezer names for girls. We explored the most common middle names for boys earlier this week. When you are thinking of a name for your daughter, imagine her at a job interview, in a professional situation or giving a presentation to a client. He and seaborn traveled the world for a year before the singer settled down to record divide, their travels taking them to iceland, japan, and many other countries — maybe antarctica was somewhere. Lyra is a modern name derived from the latin for 'lyre', a stringed instrument. It can also have my middle name lily.