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Get Throat Baby Neck Tattoo
. But would look great on any part of the body. See all public content on flickr tagged with neck tattoo?

@deryntwelvetattoo awesome throat piece by tattoo ...
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From the chin to the collarbone explore the top 79 best throat tattoos. Nissaco | full neck tattoos, neck tattoo, geometric throat. Many of my friends have neck or throat tattoos (most of the time as a part of a body suit), and while i think that some of their tattoos look dumb, there just a neck tattoo just seems like a poor decision and i think they look ugly.

Neck tattoos elicit a response from everyone.

Butterfly tattoo on back of neck. I once saw this big guy get a tattoo on his back, just something small and he was crying like a big baby. A cool looking owl tattoo design on a man's neck. But most people seem don't have the worry with neck tattoos. Discover cool masculine ink design ideas around the jugular. Send pictures of your tattoos and we will post ig:@neck&throat_tattoos in cooperation with. But the throat area or the neck area is a sensitive area so there will be pain. This image was submitted by y2j.