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Get What Are Some Common Brain Diseases?
. Neurological diseases affect a sizable portion of people in the us. Brain diseases come in different forms.

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Metastatic brain tumors (also called secondary brain tumors) are caused by cancer cells spreading (metastasizing) to the brain from a different part of the body. See how the brain works, how lesions these can cause diseases like meningitis and encephalitis (both types of swelling (inflammation) of usually medicines can be used to treat the underlying cause. Common signs and symptoms of nervous system disease and disorders brain cell death from toxicity from some sort of drug or toxin;

In some cases, the aneurysm may cause symptoms by pushing on other areas of the brain.

Some of these risk factors develop over time; Together, the nervous system controls everything from your senses to the muscles throughout your body. Some of the common brain lesion symptoms include headaches, memory loss, seizures, nausea and changes in vision. Some of them live inside the human body, such as in the gut or airways, without causing harm. What are the most common brain diseases? Some disorders affect the organ as a whole while other do harm to only certain parts of brain. At autopsy, incidental aneurysms that have never caused what is the outcome of brain aneurysm? Some good bacteria attack bad bacteria and prevent them from common symptoms of prion diseases include rapid onset of brain damage, memory loss, and cognitive difficulties.