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. Malia has 20 variant transcriptions that are used in english and other languages. It is of hawaiian origin, and the meaning of malia is perhaps, probably.

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What does the name malia mean ? Find out what is the full meaning of malia on! It means a dope, awesome, the best person in the world, and a boss.

Variant forms inherit the origin and thus the meaning of malia.

Malia is often considered a hawaiian name, and some sources cite the meaning as calm and peaceful, while others say that it means something to the. The web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. The meaning is `ambitious, strong` the name malia is most commonly given to american girls. If a person does not realize his or her abilities, eleven may reject to apply inspiration and afraid of higher energies and gifts, be overcritical, oversensitive to public reactions, cynical toward society. Do you need a middle name to go along with the baby name, malia? What does name malia mean. A fairly unusual name made more familiar by one of barack and michelle obama's young daughters. She tends to give everything away and makes no time for herself.