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. Baby boomers control 80% of personal financial assets. One in three americans over 65 relies on social security benefits alone.

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Broadly speaking, a generation is a group of individuals born within a given according to the pew research center, baby boomers and millennials are the two largest. Baby boomers still preparing for retirement have important decisions to make in order to retire with confidence. Baby boomers, compared to generations that preceded them, are retiring later, holding on to more debt and maintaining budgets for travel and other discretionary treats.

Baby boomer is a term used to describe a person who was born between 1946 and 1964.

.as more baby boomers leave the workforce and begin receiving benefits from the pension fund. According to the us census bureau, over the next decade the number of 50+ americans will grow by 16 million. Finances permitting, boomers could also wait to take their social security benefits until they reach. The retirement of baby boomers is slowly reshaping the business world. Baby boomers are entering retirement with the confidence that the best years are still to come. As baby boomers reach retirement, their health and wellness are top of mind. Contact boomer benefits for medicare help. Why are so many baby boomers filing for bankruptcy?