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See Can Shock Cause A Miscarriage
. All of the toxins in the cigarettes are terrible on a fetus. These late miscarriages may also be caused by an infection around the baby, which leads to the bag of waters breaking before any pain or bleeding.

Ask the doctor: Pregnancy
Ask the doctor: Pregnancy from

Click through the following gallery and find out. If your bleeding is heavy and you begin to feel weak, dizzy, or lightheaded, you may be going into shock. What about sex, exercise, or certain foods?

If you have had a pregnancy loss, it is natural to speculate about whether something that you did might have caused it.

Lifestyle changes you can make. Quitting smoking is a very hard thing to do, but if you 're pregnant, do it for your baby. Plus get help on coping after pregnancy loss. Infections, diseases, and autoimmune disorders. Which foods are unsafe during pregnancy & can they cause a miscarriage? Chronic stress can affect your pregnancy in other ways, and there is limited evidence to suggest that it may exacerbate some of the. What advice would you give women who are worried about a miscarriage risk but also interested in staying fit throughout pregnancy? Can stress cause a miscarriage?