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See Crib To Bed
. Moving into a bed without barriers can turn a great sleeper into a jack in the box overnight! Your child's safety is the most important concern as a parent and the step up from the infant bed to the next bed is just as important for your toddler.

Let's Fill the Van!: Crib to Toddler Bunk Bed
Let's Fill the Van!: Crib to Toddler Bunk Bed from

If a child sleeps well in his crib, don't rush the change. The inexpensive nature of these items will. Make it a smooth transition with these simple ideas and helpful tips on moving to a big kid bed.

10+ great tips for transitioning from crib to bed.

The crib is already a comfortable place for your baby. No longer are they the little baby you laid in the crib, but are. A bedside crib fastens to the frame of your bed on one side, so you're effectively lying next to your baby, but not sharing a sleep surface or bedding. If your crib doesn't come with a separate bed rail, you can still buy an attachment. Sherri schmidt and her husband were enjoying a lazy morning in bed. Your child might cry and insist they want their crib back. Key features at a glance a crib attached to bed, as the name suggests, is an attachable crib to bed that is fitted right. Some convertible cribs do require conversion kits to morph into different setups, and better yet, this quality crib will last for years thanks to the included toddler bed conversion kit that easily transitions from crib to toddler bed to daybed.