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See Diseases In India Statistics
. The world is facing important trends associated with an increase of disability in populations, especially a rise in noncommunicable diseases (ncds), including. Data from mohfw and icmr.

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Cancer is one of the deadly diseases in india, all categories of the people are suffering from cancer, from here you can get a clear idea of cancer statistics the major cause of mouth cancer in india is the consumption of tobacco. This page links to the current online resources available to explore indian population and birth data. States like up and bihar is highest in tobacco chewing.

India's population, as per 2011 stood at 1.21 billion (0.62 billion males and 0.588 billion females).

The age adjusted death rate is 89.36 per 100,000 of population ranks india #2 in the world. An unidentified illness has hospitalized more than 300 people in southeastern india, including one who has died, according to local officials investigating the cases. The above data and statistics highlight the major diseases that can cause severe health hazards which can either be prevented by taking proper precautions or by exercising as a daily. Most of the tb statistics for india are collected by the government revised national tuberculosis control program (rntcp) which was started in 1997 and whic was then expanded across the tb incidence is the number of new cases of active tb disease during a certain time period (usually a year). Indian statistics typhoid fever is endemic in india. Imtj has gathered information about healthcare, health insurance systems and medical tourism in india. Communicable diseases (infectious diseases) such as lymphatic filariasis, tuberculosis, hiv/aids, and other sexually transmitted diseases; India country overview | world health organization.