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See Does Target Baby Registry Show Your Address
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Plus, enjoy a 15 percent discount on any of your remaining registry essentials. Firstly, you need to enter your baby's expected date of. You can also add items from other retailers via their universal feature.

The perfect baby registry seamlessly combines a wide selection of products with perks like discounts, cool features and a forgiving return policy.

What should you look for when deciding where to register? Target even adds a status bar to show you and your guests how much more is needed for that gift. ) for items that they want/need in advance of their baby arriving. Target ships gifts directly to you without shoppers ever seeing your address. Show them on your phone (use the target registry app for iphone or android. The ultimate guide to creating your baby registry. Once you've done that, log into your registry and click the hello baby box button to verify your shipping address. Work on your baby registry while you are pregnant.