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. Emerson (footballer, born 1980) (emerson ramos borges), brazilian footballer. Emerson ferreira da rosa (born 4 april 1976), brazilian footballer.

Emerson - Meaning of Name
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Meaning of the name emerson. Creative, generous, competent, modern, cheerful, mindful, friendly, lucky, active, serious, temperamental, volatile. Legendary racecar driver emerson fittipaldi.

She can work out anything, sees all.

Emerson is a guy with super skilled abilities. Emerson rhyming, similar names and popularity. Your life will become noticeably happier when you learn to treat other people with great understanding and patience, to become aware of your overly active nature. We're helping our customers address the world's most critical needs. Meaning of the name emerson. Legendary racecar driver emerson fittipaldi. Today, it doesn't much matter anymore. He can chop a block of wood by giving it the death a emerson is a word to describe the most handsome child a man could ever wish to have the luck of.