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See Infant Illness Concerns
. Bringing your baby home from the hospital is a very exciting time. Here is a list of common infant illnesses and health concerns to keep in mind when caring for your child.

Experts express concerns over infant mental health ...
Experts express concerns over infant mental health … from

Don't be concerned if your infant's eyes are beginning to change color. Infants have a much higher heart and respiratory (breathing) rate than adults do. How do i report a problem or illness caused by an infant formula?

This is true for the heart muscle and the muscles that.

A newborn goes through several stages of growth in its first year of life. The best bet would be to consult with physician. The case of congenital heart disease. Try to keep a record of exactly how often in most cases, yes — the majority of illnesses are not dangerous to a breastfeeding infant. As a mother, your baby's health is at the top of your list of concerns. An infant's muscles aren't highly developed yet. Learn more about an infant's growth and development at northshore. Specially trained doctors called pediatric neurologists try to identify the cause of seizures in newborns and infants.