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See Is It Possible To Have Twins With Different Dads
. My friend had to outdo most people though. Surprisingly, this unlikely occurrence is possible.

Just Genesis : Twins in Genesis
Just Genesis : Twins in Genesis from

Individuals with identical genes and often very similar conditions of ubringing but who experience very different life outcomes. A woman in china has given birth two twins with different dna. The father said he was happy to raise his own child, but not the one from someone else, the.

Did 2 different men father my twins?

I'm my dad's only kid, but their dads both had older daughters already. In 1982, twins who were born with two different skin colors were discovered to be conceived as a result of further reading. In this scenario, two different eggs from the same female partner get fertilized by one male partner. The twins had their dna tested because they looked so different, local reports in vietnam explained. Can twins have different fathers? My dad is friends with identical twins and he told me this funny story. Or two babies with different dads. Identical twins always have the same skin color, as they have the exact same genes, whereas fraternal the same goes for twins of two different sexes.