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. Probably copied by random people who thinks it's pronounced 'cool' and then used it as if it meant 'cool'. Find the complete details of kerrel name on babynamescube, the most trusted source for baby name meaning, numerology, origins.

Kernel (OS)
Kernel (OS) from

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Discover the meaning of the kerrel name on ancestry®. Your comments on the kerrel surname. By folk etymology from earlier curtal to dock an animal's tail, from curtal, noun, animal with a docked tail. 1580, in the meaning defined above. 12:50 knowledge mall math and gk aptitude recommended for you. Rev., forthcoming, available at ssrn: Não bate o martelo ouça o que eu estou dizendo, vem sofrer o que eu sofri depois tu faz o julgamento. The thing or idea that a word, expressio.