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See Ninoshka Meaning
. Ninoshka means he (god) has favored me. The name ninoshka is of not available origin.

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Ninoshka in a sentence and translation of ninoshka in english dictionary with audio pronunciation by Meaning of this name is unknown. Ninoshka meaning, ninoshka popularity, ninoshka hieroglyphics, ninoshka numerology, and other interesting facts.

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Meaning of this name is unknown. The definition of ninoshka in dictionary is as: Ninoshka as a girls' name is of hebrew origin, and the name ninoshka means he (god) has favored me. J means joyful a means adorable k means kind e means excellent r means respectful i means intellegent a means active. National award winning fashion brand using ethical fabric and hello friends at ninoshka, my name is peggy. Ninoshka rhyming, similar names and popularity. Ninoshka name origin is russian. Ninoshka is a hebrew name for girls.