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. See the popularity of the girl's name penelope over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in babycenter's baby names tool. For though it was generally thought that her husband ulysses was dead, since he had been absent from her twenty years;

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Discover the origin, popularity, penelope name meaning, and names related to penelope with mama natural's fantastic baby names guide. Penelope is the 22 ranked female name by popularity. Penelope name origin is english and it has multiple meanings.

Origin of the name penelope:

The name penelope, meaning weaver, is of german origin and was first used in greek mythology. Penelope is the main antagonist in the family guy episode mr. Penelope and the suitors by john william waterhouse (1912). Penelope is a girl's name of greek origin meaning weaver. History of penelope name origin in different countries and languages. Penelope is of course very sociable, she needs to be among others and have. Explore thousands of baby names at disney family. Penelope is a female name, used a lot in greece, both in the mainland and the islands.