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See Raw Fish While Pregnant
. I'm pregnant, and my friend treated me to a japanese restaurant today because i was having huge sushi cravings. You can opt for salmon, shrimp.

Eating Sushi when Pregnant
Eating Sushi when Pregnant from

Risks of consuming excessive mercury during pregnancy. They indeed raise questions about the ability to ingest raw fish during pregnancy and it's usually safe to eat sushi and other dishes made with raw fish when you're pregnant. The biggest concern with raw fish is mercury poisoning.

Can you eat sushi while pregnant?

Japanese women do continue eating all the fish she wants during pregnancy. No sushi while pregnant, one wrote. Dear visitor, if you know the answer to this question, please post it. Wait, sushi when you're pregnant? another said. Here's help understanding the facts. Plus, more from the bump: These fish are very high in important nutrients and are due to the risk of food poisoning, raw seafood consumption during pregnancy is not recommended by the american pregnancy association. Raw or lightly cooked fish in sushi, if the fish has been frozen first.