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See Sugar Water And Babies
. Parents use homemade ors (oral rehydration solution) made up of warm water, white sugar, and common salt. Some recent studies in the field of medicine show that sugar water may help reduce pain in babies.

Can I Give My Baby Sugar Water?
Can I Give My Baby Sugar Water? from

Sugar babies and sugar daddies both know exactly what they. It is one of the reasons why karo syrup is given to a constipated infant. So it is better to avoid sugar water for babies below one.

Ive never heard of it other then having bowel movement problems.

Sugar water is believed to relieve babies from colic pain. The researchers can't recommend precise doses or concentrations of sugar water at this time, but they definitely feel this practice is worth a shot. Water is not good for your baby because it will only decrease the. However, some trained beekeepers do feed bees sugar water. There is no standard recipe that has been studied, and i don't recommend making it on your own, says dr. Babies given a bit of sugar water will calm down because their brains are wired. You are not supposed to do it though, its not good for them and babies dont need sugar for any reason. If your baby gets a taste for sugary or salty foods, it may be harder for you to persuade him to try healthy options (bnf 2009, itf 2014a, nhs 2016a).

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