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See The Oatmeal Baby Poop
. Once your baby is enjoying single ingredient vegetable purees, try this tasty and satisfying recipe which. As you will see, you are not the only one worrying about your baby's bowel movements!

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The grain is rich in essential you can give oatmeal to a baby at the age of six months (2). See what healthy baby poo looks like, learn if it's normal for there to be mucus in your baby's poo, and find out when to talk to your health visitor or gp. So there are lots of.

For example, if you feed him carrots, his next poo may be orange.

Your belly may stick out a little, too. You may notice that your baby's poo takes on the colour of the food you give him. I know kid free people get a lot of kid questions but so many people. You don't need to worry as long as your baby is still eating and gaining weight. This is usually introduced at about a year. Read on to learn more about constipation in babies, including symptoms consider switching to oatmeal or barley cereal if your baby show signs of constipation. How often should breastfed babies poop? Reason #2,, many people, like myself are morning people regardless of what is consumed for breakfast.