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. Meaning of hindu boy name vanij is lord shiva; Meaning of vanij with valuable insights.

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The word bania (also vania) is derived from the sanskrit vanij, meaning a merchant. the term is widely used to identify members of the traditional mercantile or business castes of india.

(of the moon ) the act of showing a gradually decreasing portion of illuminated surface ,. Wimmz means 'what your mother said'. Name vanij generally means lord shiva, is of indian origin, name vanij is a masculine (or boy) name. Some believe that the meaning of a name has an impact on personality while the. Vanij rhyming, similar names and popularity. Pronunciation of vanij with 1 audio pronunciation and more for vanij. A jokey comment used after someone has said something which would be funny if someones mother had said it. Vanij is written in hindi as वनिज.