See What Does The Name Sebastian Mean Background

See What Does The Name Sebastian Mean
. The name was later made known from the charming but tragic character lord sebastian flyte from the evelyn waugh novel brideshead revisited (1945) and its subsequent television serial (1981). Famous people named sebastian include sebastian faulks (british author), sebastian cabot (british actor), and johann sebastian bach (german composer).

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Sebastian is greek and means revered. The name sebastian is of latin origin. You can toss all that away now, because.

Your parents may even call it prissy.

The meaning of sebastian is from sebaste . From the latin name sebastianus which meant from sebaste. The name sebastian consists of 9 letters and 1 word that includes it in a short name however sebastian name meaning is quite snazzy. Over 154685 babies have been named sebastian since 1881. Sebastian is very sociable and likes the company of his friends; Sebastian is a given name. Its name was derived from the greek word sebastos meaning venerable, which was the greek translation of the latin term augustus, which was the title given to roman emperors. Find your family's origin in the united states, average life expectancy, most common occupation, and more.