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See What Is Butch Short For
. Butch doesn't go along with any specific name, it is simply a nickname for a son with the same name as his father. From the cambridge english corpus.

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This slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of butch is. (of a woman) looking or behaving like a man, or (of a man) being very strong with big muscles…. Butch baird (born 1936), american retired pga and senior pga tour golfer.

What is the nickname butch short for?

I wear boy clothes and have short hair, so i guess i. Butches and babies is exactly what the title suggests — photos of butches holding, playing, cuddling, and lovin' on babies. Slang exhibiting stereotypically masculine appearance or behavior. He did a great job of helping me understand how i swing the golf club, what i need to do to be successful, the great thing about butch is he's not technical at all. The meaning of butch is masculine. My boyfriends so butch normal person: This is used to hide shame at the chav: Here's how you say it in ${totallanguages} languages.