See What Is The Name Todd Short For Pics

See What Is The Name Todd Short For
. Todd agnew, american christian musician and songwriter. The name originated from middle english where it means fox.

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The name soared to baby name stardom in the 80s and 90s. , baby names meaning in urdu, hindi. The name todd is ranked on the 220th position of the most used names.

It is of middle english origin, and the meaning of todd is fox.

You might know that his name was alexander hamilton, that he was one of america's founding fathers, you might even know that he was the first secretary of the treasury in february of 2015 a musical premiered in new york's public theatre by the name of hamilton written by lin manuel miranda. Now, that we have established that is fair to give someone a nickname based on his height, what are the names you can call a short guy? Stevey todd came out of the galley to tell him his mangoes were no good, so as to get up an argument, and cuco laughed. In english baby names the meaning of the name todd is: Parents love to name their sons tyler. Todd is short for toddler. Todd is at the piano, struggling to come up with a script for his review for. Todd is quite simply todd with one d todd is the transferred use of an english surname which originated as a nickname from the middle english northern dialect todde which meant fox.