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See What Name Is Teddy Short For
. If we were having another boy i was going to name him john ^^i've seen that disney channel show, so i tried to look up to see what teddy was short for, and it looks like her name is just teddy. It is not short for anything.

Living teddy bear....haircut for James Franco! | Yorkie ...
Living teddy bear….haircut for James Franco! | Yorkie … from

Maybe a cute teddy bear name is a better option. The teddy bear is normally a cub or baby bear. Occasionally i have run across in print some writers or others in the entertainment business who have a pen or stage name of teddy, spelled in some ways that appears to me as silly.

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Its neutral, any gender can be named this, i found a friend of mine named teddy and is a girl, also in a tv series i watched there is a boy named teddy aswell so its good for both genders. 17% of teddy men worked as a baker and 20% of teddy women worked as a clerk. I am due april 28, 2013. It is not short for anything. Teddy atlas (born 1956), boxing trainer and fight commentator. Teddy is normally the fourth and last character to join ninten's party. Teddy is a nickname of the english name theodore, which is a variant of the greek name theodoros, which is comprised of the elements theos god and doron gift, for the 22.04.2010 · teddy is most likely short for theodora, derived from the masculin form of the name theodore. But it can be a girl's name, if you make it theodora.