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See When Do Baby Start Sitting
. When your baby starts to hold his head up well, encourage him to sit up on his own. Like crawling and even walking, sitting up is a milestone that parents look out for, essential or not.

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We were told by some people that we should keep the baby on tummy most of the time. While you can prop your baby in a sitting position almost from the first day, true independent sitting does not start up until he has head control. The earliest sitting milestone is when a baby it can be exciting when a baby starts to sit because it makes it easier to talk to the baby while making eye contact.

Talk to your pediatrician or consider a referral to early childhood intervention.

By around six months, the baby should be able to sit unassisted as he would have developed enough muscular strength of the back and neck muscles to. — trevy is 2 months now and will sit for a few seconds on his own so i wasn't sure if this is normal. Find out when your baby learns to sit up and how you can help him master this milestone on the way to crawling and walking. How to help baby sit up? Your baby will most likely discover how to sit independently between the ages of 4 and 7 months. At this early stage, it's important to support your baby so they don't fall. Things like secure bumbo seats can be helpful for an older baby. Here are expert tips and advice for guiding your little one on this exciting process.