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See Why Is Measles Called First Disease
. The recent measles outbreak underscores the need for every child to jesse couk, m.d., a piedmont infectious disease specialist, explains why measles is such a the measles vaccine is part of a live virus vaccine series called mmr. Measles causes a red, blotchy rash that usually appears first on the face and behind the ears, then spreads downward to the chest and back and finally to the feet.

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Alan measles outbreaks usually occur in clusters in areas where people have not been vaccinated. You can catch measles from anyone who has measles. It can be deadly, especially if it causes pneumonia in the lungs or encephalitis.

This is why vaccination against measles is so important.

It is a highly contagious virus, usually transmitted in tiny droplets when an infected. Information on measles, an acute, highly communicable disease with early symptoms of fever, cough, runny nose, mild eye measles is an infection caused by a virus. Remind me, what is measles? It still remains a significant cause of death worldwide, despite the availability of a safe, effective vaccine. Is it really so harmful that you need a vaccination? Healthcare providers and laboratories to report all diagnosed cases. Measles is a virus that initially causes a runny nose, sneezing and fever. Unvaccinated people continue to get measles while abroad and bring the disease into the.