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. This petite bird was regarded in ireland as the magician of the birds and the druids considered it a bird of prophecy. Given to just a handful of children a decade ago, in 2012 there were 250 girls in the u.s.

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I don't know is robin just a boy's name, or is it unisex? This seems largely overlooked as a last name in the comments. Wren is an uncommon first name for females but a very popular last name for both adults and children (#3092 out of 150436, top 2%).

As a scientific engineer and practical architect wren was perhaps more remarkable than as an artistic designer.

I'm a direct descendant of sir christopher wren who was the lead architect for the project to rebuild london after the great fire in 1666. As a female given name, wren is a modern coinage and almost entirely isolated to the united states. It makes a particularly pleasing middle name choice, as does her newly discovered cousin lark. Lá an dreoilín), is celebrated on 26 december, st. If i don't use this as a first name, it will definitely be a middle name for my daughter. If you like how wren sounds, you might also like these names that sound like wren. Wrens are passerine birds in the mainly new world family troglodytidae. There are several kinds of wren.