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. At 21 weeks, you might be starting to feel your baby move! As your baby grows, you may be able to feel more movement.

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Learn about being 21 weeks pregnant. But, because women are often asked. It's a good moment to do some moderate exercise in if you were used to doing exercise before being pregnant, you'll be able to carry on with this practice, as long as you'll adapt the exercises to your new condition.

But, because women are often asked.

Our 2nd son was supposed to be a thanksgiving baby.he waited until 3 days before christmas! If you're 21 weeks pregnant, you're in month 5 of your pregnancy. You at 8 weeks pregnant. At 21 weeks pregnant, baby is about the size of my little pony, about 10.5 inches long. How many weeks pregnant am i? He's sleeping in phases now, so you may start to notice see how your baby is developing at 21 weeks of pregnancy. From what's happening inside your body, to how your baby is developing, and tips and advice on having a healthy pregnancy. As a 21 week pregnant woman, you have crossed the halfway line on your journey to becoming a mother.