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. Deciding to breastfeed or bottle feed a baby is usually based on the mother's comfort. However, institution of early parenteral nutrition can sometimes be critical and a necessary adjunct to enteral therapy.

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Moreover, frequent feeds help breastfeeding mothers establish a good milk supply, and feeding on cue can help breastfed babies adjust for natural variations in milk quality (institute of medicine, national academy of sciences 1991). The average breastfed newborn gains 6 ounces/week (170 grams/week). How much to feed a newborn?

Feed your newborn on cue.

How much should an ideal newborn weight gain be through out the coming months? Duration of feeding for each baby is different. Also avoid raised voices, passive aggressive behaviors and any form of physical. For the first few months, breast milk or formula is all that's needed. Consult with baby's doctor and your lactation consultant if baby is not gaining as expected. Appropriate and healthy feeding of your baby during the first year of life is very important. Used correctly, cup feeding can be a useful way to give a newborn baby supplementary milk for short term feeding. How you feed your newborn is the first nutrition decision you make for your child.