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. Alani ▲ as a name for girls. The meaning of alani is orange or orange tree.

Alina - Meaning of Alina, What does Alina mean?
Alina – Meaning of Alina, What does Alina mean? from

Alan is a masculine given name in the english language. Alani come from the russian word meaning pure. Other similar baby names are alanis, amani, anani and avani.

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It has the following meaning(s) The meaning of the name alani is little rock. Name detail of alani with meaning , origin and numorology. View complete detail of name alani , samoa baby names alani. Alani is a boy name, meaning peaceful, serene (celtic), dear child (irish) in nigerian origin. Meaning of alani baby name. Please feel free to read what the name alani is ranked on the 25,462nd position of the most used names. Learn the meaning of the girl's name alani on baby name wizard, your trusted source for baby name origins, popularity and more!

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