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View Baby Jewel Cichlid Fry
. They use their mouths to swallow up and spit out their young into a pool of their baby fry schooling. Can it be possible that she can have them so soon?

Hemichromis Lifalili (jewel cichlid)
Hemichromis Lifalili (jewel cichlid) from

Meet optimus my jewel cichlid who is finally coming into his colors at two months old. The jewel cichlid is a rare species where both the males and females take care of their fry. These species range from about 3 after the fry absorb what is left of their yolk sac you will need to start feeding them finely crushed flake.

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Find stockbilleder af jewel cichlid hemichromis juvenile newly hatched i hd og millionvis af andre royaltyfri stockbilleder, illustrationer og vektorer i shutterstocks samling. The jewel fish fry are able to devour baby brine shrimp and finely ground fry food immediately after hatching. Ghxstbruv 40.653 views7 year ago. The jewel cichlid is native to africa and belongs to the cichlid family. If you have a pair with nothing else in the tank, they are usually capable of raising the fry without any help. Watch as these baby jewel cichlids grow alongside their parents over the course of 60 days! Jewel cichlid fish and fry. My blue jewel cichlids fry, they are growing up just fine as you can see ^^