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View Baby Tooth Fell Out Root Still In
. Will it work its way out or do i need to bring him to the dentist?(he's terrified of the dentist) has anyone else had this happen? It is best to have a consultation with the dentist if the baby tooth came out prematurely with its root.

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So sorry that your tooth broke so severely. I know that i need to. My son was messing with a loose tooth and pulled it out.

The pulp goes all the way down into the root of the tooth, which is under the gum.

Soon it gets so wobbly it gets knocked out when you eat something or brush they're called the first permanent molars and there are four of them, one in each corner. Let's take a tour of your teeth. Frankly, so are the experts. What do you do if your tooth fell out and the root is still intact? Depending on how long your tooth has been out of the socket and how well you take care of the if the child's tooth is close to falling out naturally, then placing the baby tooth back in could result in damaging the emerging permanent tooth. My tooth has been loose so i pulled it out. Unfortunately for ones broken as badly as was yours, the most predictable method is to remove the remaining root, place a bone graft into the extraction site and then after healing place an implant. The tooth feels overall well, i still have a bit of pressure discomfort but this could be still be from clenching 1.