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View Bush Baby As A Pet
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Bushbabies often spend their time swinging through the trees and can leap more than ten feet at a time. Bush baby or bushbaby, name for several small, active nocturnal primates of the galagidae family, found in forested parts of africa. If you are considering a bush baby as a pet, please keep in mind that their numbers are declining and don't support wild caught animals.

Bush babies often dampen their hands and feet with urine to better grip the trees they are climbing.

Bushbabies are social animals that live in complex family groups in the wild and they do not survive as well solitary like most exotic pets, you will need a special permit to keep a giraffe on your property. Petsofjuju #bushbaby #compilation if you can read this, you can help me by clicking on subscription button. Awf helps this tiny primate by securing bush baby habitat for more bush babies to thrive. Ladybugs eat rose bush aphids, so get a leaf or two off of a rose bush that has aphids. At least 20 species of galago are known bush babies are omnivores that eat fruit, insects, and the gum that oozes out of certain tree species. While there are several species of bushbabies, the lesser bushbaby is more commonly kept as a pet. More and more states are restricting private ownership of exotic animals (especially unusual mammals). Galagos, also known as bush babies, or nagapies, are small nocturnal.