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. This is considered the third most common skin disease in kids. A child with sickle cell anemia or a weak immune system can become very ill from fifth disease.

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The human respiratory tract is open to the outside world to let air in and carbon dioxide out also caused by viruses, the common cold, aka an upper respiratory infection, is the primary reason kids stay home sick from school, the centers for disease control and. In most children, it's benign, says james cherry, md, a specialist in children's infectious diseases. From chickenpox to whooping cough, we look at the most common childhood diseases.

The chart below lists common symptoms that could possibly be related to an infectious disease.

Childhood diseases contagious diseases other infectious childhood diseases poliomyelitis noncontagious childhood diseases congenital diseases that are more common among children than among adults are referred to as childhood diseases. Some of these diseases can be found in grownups too!. This is not intended to be a list of rare diseases, nor is it a list of mental disorders. Where multiple names are in common use for the same disease, all of those names should link to the main article for the disease. The treatments discussed here are based on scientific evidence and best practices. Diseases in bold are conditions reportable to public health in colorado. Juliet white / getty images. Read on to learn more about causes, symptoms, treatments and when to see a doctor.