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. See more of chef john of on facebook. Chef john's recipe for this puffy baked pancake is quick, easy, and delicious:

Chef John's Dutch Babies | Allrecipes
Chef John's Dutch Babies | Allrecipes from

Gather your loved ones (or your cat) around the oven to witness the sheer spectacle of a fully puffed, popover pancake being removed from the oven. Anyone who does not appreciate chef johns low brow sophisticated delivery, go watch rachel ray or some other dumb chef. Dutch baby ~ one of the most interesting ways to eat pancakes!

This one came to my notice when my son was scanning youtube for some breakfast recipes and he was so fascinated by chef john's (of foodwishes) way of making them, especially his narrative that we wanted to try it out.

Really easy and very delicious. 9/1 fix, prrrooobably 3w2 fix or even core. Whether you call it an oven pancake, a dutch baby, or a hootin annie, this buttery breakfast deserves a spot at your breakfast table. I will do anything to obtain yorkshire pudding. Yield 3 to 4 servings. Pour batter into the skillet and bake for 20 minutes. Posted by chef john at 12:34 pm. Dutch baby pancakes are easy to put together and always receive rave reviews!