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. The name robin is a girl's name of english origin meaning bright fame. Sounded bright and chirpy in the fifties and ranked in the top 100 until 1980, but by now robin has lost much of its lilt.

Ren's Baby Name Blog: Robin and Gull: Bird Names
Ren's Baby Name Blog: Robin and Gull: Bird Names from

Magic baby names is a unique search site with 104,008 names collected from 2,733,297 family trees, containing 134,960,494 people. Awakening, and can be male or female and named whatever the player pleases. Many foreigners report a whole host of problems they've experienced with russian names:

In the legends it was said that he and his friends robbed in the sherwood forest, robbed the rich and gave money to the poor.

Here's an image from the official dark souls strategy guide, and it refers to sif as he. Those types of names (the ambiguous ones) really appeal to. Many unisex nicknames are also used as independent given names, for example, alex, connie, freddie, robin, kris, terry. The most common argument for sif being female is that he/she shares the name of a norse goddess. The fictional characters named robin below come from every kind of genre and medium, as this list includes movie characters named robin, tv who are the most well known fictional robins? Is robin a female name in usa? Robee, robbey, robbi, robbie, robbin, robby, robena, robene, robenia, robi, robina, robine, robinet, robinett, robinette, robinia, robyn, robyna, robynette, robynn and robynne. Ok, so i am pretty sure that robin is a female name, but i have heard it for men too.