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. Isabella, meaning consecrated or pledged to god, has origins in italian and spanish. It is also a form of isabel and has a rich history in.

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Isabel derived from elizabeth in southwest europe during the middle ages. Isabella is the latinate form of isabel, a variation of elizabeth which originally derived from the hebrew name elisheba. Man sour man slayer bella peas spider legs.

Isabella of castile laid the foundations for the unification of spain, with her husband ferdinand of aragon.

It was originally written as elisabel, but the first syllable was dropped as it spread across the continent. A royal name, isabella is feminine and romantic. A spanish variant of elizabeth, which is from the hebrew elīsheba' (god is my oath). Isabell means my god is an oath (from hebrew elischeba), but also beautiful (from french belle). Isabella's rise has been fairly recent and metoric (it was #1 in 2010). The name isabella is a girl's name of hebrew, spanish, italian origin meaning pledged to god. The name isabella comes from the hebrew name elisheba, a form of elizabeth. The girl's name isabell is a variant of isabel (spanish, latin).isabel first gained popularity in spain in the middle ages, and it was soon exported to france and england.