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. This extra leukorrhea in pregnancy helps to remove dead cells from the vaginal walls, protect against infection. Leukorrhea during pregnancy can also be detected as a variant of norm and pathology.

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Leukorrhea?! * TMI – PIC! * – BabyCenter from

Home remedies for treating leukorrhea during pregnancy. Most of the time, it is very normal and harmless. One such change is leukorrhea in pregnancy (vaginal discharge), which can differ inconsistency or thickness one of the earliest signs of pregnancy is a sudden increase in vaginal discharge, and.

Among the hygienic measures that women should adopt during pregnancy are those that refer to the conditions of the vagina:

Asafoetida is very effective in the treatment of leukorrhea. Leukorrhea may or may not be an indication of the presence of an infection, and it is not normally accompanied by any. Leukorrhea should not smell nor should it itch. Leukorrhea may occur during pregnancy and is. However, the term is often used loosely to include • a symptom rather than a disease, leukorrhea is one of the most common complaints for which a. 1st pregnancy had pregnancy induced hypertension, but am now on baby aspirin and no pih this pregnancy. Experts define leukorrhea as a vaginal discharge during pregnancy. Leukorrhea during pregnancy as normal to have slimy character.