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. Lochia al´ba the final vaginal discharge after childbirth, largely mucus, when the amount of blood is decreased and the leukocytes are increased; Evaluating lochia lochia is evaluated as to its color , amount , odor , and change with time and activity.

Postpartum examination
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Lochia is the medical term given to the one month 'period' new mums go the lochia is bright red in colour and begins a day or two after the birth. How to use scant in a sentence. Lower abdomen hard and painful.

Lochia — in the field of obstetrics, lochia is post partum vaginal discharge, containing blood, mucus, and placental tissue.

How to use scant in a sentence. Recurrence of bleeding 7 to 14 days after birth is from. Paroxysmal spasms of lower abdominal pain which feels as if something were jerking or colliding in. To do example sentences from the web for scant. How to use scant in a sentence. It's mainly composed of blood. Scant to moderate amount, earthy odor, few small clots. Lochia may continue for 2 to 6 weeks after the birth but may last longer and still be normal.