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. Sophie name meaning is wisdom and the lucky number associated with is 9. Diminutive forms include sophie and sofie.

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Sophie means wisdom (from greek σοφία). What does the name sophie mean? Those who possess this name mainly have the voice of a sick walrus, and are shorter then average.

Sophie is beautiful, and we know a lot of other names like this.

Sophia was derived from sophie is the french version of the name, more popular than sophia in some parts of the world. Sophie is a english,french and german name originating mostly from berlin. Sophie is the french form of the name sophia which comes from the greek word sophos (σοφία) meaning wisdom. Meaning of the name sophie: Sophie (meaning wisdom) is a version of the name sophia. Sophie is generally used as a girl's name. Sophie sophieyear sophiebirthday sophiehoodie sophie name sophiehoodies tshirt for you. Before giving this name to your baby you should know about its origin and sophós (σοφός) sophíā / sofía (σοφῐ́ᾱ).