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. Ibai m basque means river in basque. My name is river, people are always surprised when i tell them my name, but i get so many compliments.

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Ibai m basque means river in basque. Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. Names that have the meaning of 'river' are prime examples of place names which have been adopted as person names.

The amazon / the amazon river (реки).

Name can make or break the company. The name river is a boy's name of origin. For example, the name of a river is used with the definite article, and the name of a it is much easier to memorize articles with geographical names in this way. River name generator is free online tool for generating river names randomly. Below is a list of countries which use the definite article. Wondering what the best names meaning mean water are? Discover how many rivers and states share the same name in the united states and which ones were named after their respective rivers. Check 'river name' translations into russian.