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View Rosaline Name Meaning Mexican
. Rosaline, which can be pronounced to rhyme with mine or mean in its final rosaline was used twice by shakespeare and was also used in the poetry of edmund spenser. Compound of horse and snake.

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Rosaline a perfect forname for your baby. Rosaline is largely used in the english language and it is derived from germanic origins. This is the name of characters in shakespeare's love's labour's lost (1594) and romeo and juliet (1596).

The root word in the name rosaline is rose, so the root meaning is a play on the literal meaning of the word related to a flower.

The name was briefly mentioned by shakespeare in his tragedy romeo and juliet (1595), and it also appeared. The history of rosaline originates from a german background. You cannot live a full and harmonious life without friendship, admiration and love, especially from the opposite sex. If you are a parent waiting eagerly for your little one to arrive in the world, then you must be in search of a nice name to identify him/her with. Cheerful, serious, modern, volatile, competent, lucky, creative, active, friendly, temperamental, mindful, generous. Love's labours lost' a lady attending on the princess of france. Letter o in name rosaline: An interesting fact about mexican culture is that a mexican child's official name has two surnames, one of the father and the other of the mother.