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. Fort britomart, a fortification of. Her name literally means warlike briton person, so it's pretty safe to say that being british is a pretty big part of her identity.

Brian Campbell — Britomart — Britomart
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Britomart is an underground train station in the historic britomart precinct on queen street in auckland city. This phrasing is usually found in the context of. So what's it mean? is grammatical, but just informal.

Britomartis , or britomart, a nymph of greek mythology and a character from the faerie queene.

In order to get your ex. Fort britomart, a fortification of. Hms britomart, seven ships of the royal navy. One of the things that all people and places have in common is (names). My name is chris, and i'm a vlogger and make videos (with my clone) about funny life experiences i've been through. Britomart transport centre, auckland's cbd public transport hub, located in the area of the former headland. Business at britomart business at britomart. Britomart's ties to british rule therefore also connect her to queen elizabeth i, the queen during spenser's lifetime, who, like britomart, was a woman doing a 'man's' job.