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. Here's how to decide when to share the news of your pregnancy. Do they make you feel nauseous?

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A person can get pregnant at any point in their menstrual cycle, but it is much less likely during their period. Fortunately, help is at hand. Here are the pros and cons of sharing your big news in your first trimester and waiting until your second.

How to tell someone you're pregnant.

It can be comforting to tell someone who's been through it before, especially when your mind is reeling with emotions and worries and questions that. Make sure you're sitting comfortably, take a deep breath, and let us guide you through the early days. Do you mean how can someone tell im pregnant (as in looking at your stomach) or how can you tell that you are pregnant? Adjust if different cycle length. They tell you their news, and what do you say? Another confusing factor when trying to determine if you are pregnant is that all of the symptoms of pregnancy can be symptoms of other conditions. Most women tell their employer they're pregnant sometime around the end of their first trimester or in the early part of their second trimester. Although, considering the surge of hormones flowing through your.