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. The meaning of winslow is hill of victory. From a surname which was derived from an old english place name meaning hill belonging to wine.

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The family name winslow is derived from the old english personal name wine, meaning friend, and the old english. View the winslow family crest/coat of arms and history for the english origin. Discover his personality, his character and features.

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Winslow definition, english colonist and author in america: Winslow is a boy name, meaning hill of victory in jamaican origin. Definitions for winslow ˈwɪnz loʊwinslow. The name winslow is a girl's name of english origin meaning friend's hill or burial mound. Winslow name meaning, australian baby boy name winslow meaning,etymology, history, presonality details. The name winslow is a boy's name. Meaning of winslow in english. Winslow a perfect forname for your baby.